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Falcon4-CLHS (Camera Link HS®)

Falcon4-CLHS (Camera Link HS®)

True High Performance

For true high-performance imaging, turn to the Falcon™4-CLHS camera series. Using Teledyne Imaging’s advanced CMOS architectures, the Falcon4-CLHS cameras offer unique, unprecedented capabilities for large area, high resolution, high speed imaging. Models include the high-speed 11.2 M camera with a frame rate up to 609 fps and the high-resolution 86 M camera with a frame rate up to 16 fps.

Take more images. A lot more images!

Teledyne DALSA presents the new 11M Falcon4-CLHS, the camera of choice when high-speed imaging is the top priority. With 11.2 megapixels, 609 fps, global shutter sensor, and a large field of view of up to 4480 pixels wide, this camera can capture images at a rate that can greatly increase imaging system efficiency. Available in two monochrome versions, the Falcon4-CLHS M4480 and Falcon4-CLHS M4400.

High frame rate applications

The Falcon4-CLHS M4480 / M4400’s large pixel width and very high frame rate offer a powerful solution to many imaging challenges:

  • Machine Vision
  • Robotics
  • Factory Automation Inspection
  • Motion Tracking and Analysis
  • Electronic Inspection
  • High Speed 3D imaging

How fast is 609 frames per second?

The Falcon4-CLHS M4480 / M4400 is a unique offering in the 2D area scan market with a frame rate that can reach up to 609 fps. The speed of these models can be difficult to visualize. What does 609 frames per second mean?

  • 4480 x 2496, 6 µm pixels
  •  APS-C format lenses
  • CLHS 4 or 7-Lanes - 10.3 Gb / sec. per Lane
  • Over 12 times faster frame rate than typical 4KHD cameras

Get the big picture. The really big picture

Teledyne DALSA’s Falcon 4-CLHS 86M is the ultra-high resolution and high-speed CMOS camera. With 86 megapixels at 16 fps and a global shutter, the camera offers unique, unprecedented capabilities for large area, high-resolution, high-speed imaging. Available in monochrome, the camera is also sensitive into the NIR spectrum.

High resolution applications

The Falcon4-CLHS 86M's incredible resolution and throughput serve a variety of challenging applications:

  • Aerial Imaging
  • Reconnaissance
  • Security and Surveillance
  • 3D Metrology
  • Flat Panel Display Inspections

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How Big is 86 Megapixels?

The Falcon4-CLHS 86M's 86 megapixel resolution is truly spectacular and its 16 fps capability with global shutter makes it truly unique. In fact, its resolution is so big it's sometimes difficult to grasp. What does 86 megapixels mean?

  • 10720 × 8064, 6 µm pixels
  • 64 × 48 mm active area
  • Medium format lenses
  • More pixels than 40 HD Screens
  • 129 MB/frame (12 bit)
  • 2.1 GB/s @ 16 fps (12 bit)

Family Specifications

Camera TypeArea Scan
Sensor TechnologyCMOS
Supported Interfaces   Camera Link HS
Spectrum CapabilityVisible (400-700 nm), Near Infrared (700-1000 nm)





Camera Models





Pixel Size

Max Frame Rate

Falcon4-CLHS 86M

10720 x 8064   

MonoCamera Link HS   6 µm16 fps

Falcon4-CLHS M4400   

4480 x 2496

MonoCamera Link HS6 µm330 fps

Falcon4-CLHS M4480

4480 x 2496

MonoCamera Link HS6 µm609 fps








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Falcon4-CLHS (Camera Link HS®) - 392
Falcon4-CLHS (Camera Link HS®) - 391
Falcon4-CLHS (Camera Link HS®) - 390
Falcon4-CLHS (Camera Link HS®) - 389
Falcon4-CLHS (Camera Link HS®) - 388
Falcon4-CLHS (Camera Link HS®) - 387
Falcon4-CLHS (Camera Link HS®) - 385