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Genie Nano - CXP (CoaXPress)

Genie Nano - CXP (CoaXPress)

Family Specifications

Camera TypeArea Scan
Sensor TechnologyCMOS
Shutter TypeGlobal Shutter
Supported Interfaces   CoaXPress
Spectrum CapabilityVisible (400-700 nm), Near Infrared (700-1000 nm)
Exposure ControlAutomatic, programmable, or via external trigger
General Purpose I/OSAMTEC TFM-105 type
Power Requirement+12 to +24 V or Power over CoaXPress PoCXP (PoCXP requires 2 × DIN connectors min.)


Camera Models






Pixel Size        

Max Frame Rate      

Genie Nano-CXP C4090

4096 x 4096


CoaXPress4.5 µm120 fps

Genie Nano-CXP C5100

5120 x 5120

ColorCoaXPress4.5 µm80 fps

Genie Nano-CXP C6200

6144 x 6144

ColorCoaXPress2.5 µm43 fps

Genie Nano-CXP C8200

8192 x 8192

ColorCoaXPress2.5 µm30 fps

Genie Nano-CXP M4090

4096 x 4096

MonoCoaXPress4.5 µm120 fps

Genie Nano-CXP M4090-NIR         

4096 x 4096

Mono, NIRCoaXPress4.5 µm120 fps

Genie Nano-CXP M5100

5120 x 5120MonoCoaXPress4.5 µm80 fps

Genie Nano-CXP M5100-NIR

5120 x 5120

Mono, NIRCoaXPress4.5 µm80 fps

Genie Nano-CXP M6200

6144 x 6144

MonoCoaXPress2.5 µm43 fps

Genie Nano-CXP M8200

8192 x 8192

MonoCoaXPress2.5 µm30 fps

Genie Nano - CXP (CoaXPress) - 339
Genie Nano - CXP (CoaXPress) - 336
Genie Nano - CXP (CoaXPress) - 337
Genie Nano - CXP (CoaXPress) - 338