Kibele PIMS Endüstriyel Görüntüleme ve Robotik Otomasyon



The KR QUANTEC nano is the lightest and most compact robot in our KR QUANTEC series. It is particularly suitable for spot welding tasks and delivers outstanding process results at low investment costs.

The KR QUANTEC nano is the smallest and lightest robot in its class. Axis 3, which can swing over to the rear, makes for a large work envelope, with very good accessibility even in confined spaces. This is, for example, extremely helpful for tip dressing.



The KR QUANTEC nano has a small disruptive contour thanks to its streamlined design. As a result, a counterbalancing system (CBS) is not required. The robot delivers an outstanding performance and optimum accessibility in the smallest of spaces.


Light, but very strong

The KR QUANTEC nano is the smallest robot in its family – and the lightest in its class. Its low weight enables outstanding dynamic properties. It is also more robust thanks to the use of cast iron instead of aluminum.


Low on maintenance

With its virtually wear-free drive train, the KR QUANTEC nano requires very little maintenance. The robot also has a very small ecological footprint.


The KR QUANTEC nano F exclusive for use in foundry environments

The latest member of our KR QUANTEC nano series: the robust washing professional KR QUANTEC nano F exclusive. This compact foundry robot has all of the characteristics of the KR QUANTEC Foundry series and is also specially optimized for the extreme conditions in cleaning systems and medium or large-sized washing cells. As such, we are able to make parts cleaning operations cost-effective, reproducible and environmentally friendly. The robot and its in-line wrist comply with protection ratings IP 65, IP 67 and IP 69.

With the KR QUANTEC nano F exclusive, KUKA has set new standards for comprehensive automation solutions in the foundry and engine production sectors.



Product           Payload     Maximum ReachConstruction TypeVersion EnvironmenMounting PositionsProtection Class
KR 120 R1800 nano120 kg1803 mmStandardStandardFloorIP 65
KR 120 R1800 nano C120 kg1803 mmStandardStandardCeilingIP 65
KR 120 R2100 nano F exclusive120 kg2100 mmStandardFoundry ExclusiveFloorIP 65, IP 67, IP 69
KR 160 R1570 nano160 kg1573 mmStandardStandardFloorIP 65
KR 160 R1570 nano C160 kg1573 mmStandardStandardCeilingIP 65
KR 180 R2100 nano F exclusive180 kg2100 mmStandardFoundry ExclusiveFloorIP 65, IP 67, IP 69