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Bolt Sorting System

We carry your quality standards to top with "100% Automatic Control".

BSA-10; The bolts that you produce are inspected by displaying and reporting the errors, dimensions, angles and surface defects with high precision by the rotating table design. Designed with flexibility in mind, the BS-10 delivers sustainable high-speed performance with advanced machine vision elements.

Design, engineering, installation and software all belong to our company and "BS-10" is presented with localized interface and user's guide. Leading in Industrial Visual Technology, the use of Teledyne DALSA's imaging systems guarantees the efficiency of the sorting system and end-user satisfaction. Built with sigma engineering profiles as a closed system, the design ensures that the machine is durable in factory conditions. System operators are trained by our team.

Wide range of options are offered beyond the standardized solution for your different needs. Surface defects and crack detection are some of them.