Kibele PIMS Industrial Imaging and Robotic Automation



TCBENCH series are complete optical systems designed for hassle-free development of demanding measurement applications.


Each kit integrates:

  • 1 bi-telecentric lens for 2/3” detectors
  • 1 LTCLHP telecentric illuminator (green)
  • 2 CMHO mechanical clamps
  • 1 CMPT base-plate
  • 1 PTTC chrome-on-glass calibration pattern
  • 1 CMPH pattern holder


The benches come ready for use, pre-assembled and pre-aligned to assure the best accuracy that a telecentric measurement system can deliver.

The collimated light source is set in order to optimize both illumination homogeneity and relevant optical parameters such as distortion, telecentricity and resolution. For this reason these benches feature unmatched image resolution and field depth.

Opto Engineering® measures the optical performance of each TCBENCH and provides an individual test report. TCBENCH series also benefits from a special price policy, combining high-end performance with cost effectiveness.