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Master 810 & Master 2410

Master 810 & Master 2410

The LMI sensor networking hub, called the Master, is an advanced solution for distributing power and synchronization in a multi-sensor network. Master hubs come in two models – the 810 for networking up to 8 sensors, and the 2410 for networking up to 24 sensors. If you need more than an 8-sensor or 24-sensor network, hubs can be daisy-chained using an Up/Downlink port to add more ports by connecting another hub.

Gocator Master cordsets are used to connect the sensors to a Master hub. The Master provides a single point of connection for power, safety, encoder, and digital inputs.

The Master 810 and 2410 can be used to ensure that the scan timing is precisely synchronized across sensors down to 1 µs accuracy. Sensors and client computers communicate via an Ethernet switch (1 Gigabit/s recommended). Master 810 and 2410 hubs do not support digital, serial, or analog output.


  • Master 810 – for networking up to 8 sensors
  • Master 2410 – for networking up to 24 sensors

Master 810 & Master 2410 - 1109
Master 810 & Master 2410 - 1108