Kibele PIMS Industrial Imaging and Robotic Automation



Key Features:



Distinguishing Features


  • High+ Payload: Experience the overwhelming payload capable of easily handling heavy objects up to 25 kg!







  • High+ Safety: The highest collision sensitivity in the industry, with six high-tech torque sensors. Through the application of a counterbalance mechanism, the light-weight hardware reduces shock to improve the safety of the robots.







  • High+ Flexibility: Since relocation of the robots is easy and the robots are suitable for coupling with AGV and AMR due to their light weight of about one half of the equivalent six-axis multi-joint robots, various applications can be configured.







  • High+ Reach: Applicable to various work environments, with a wide work radius and the highest efficiency for multiple work processes or remote palletizing.








Main Applications

  • Palletizing
  • Machine Tending
  • Heavy Object Handling    




H2515 - 789
H2515 - 788
H2515 - 787
H2515 - 782
H2515 - 781
H2515 - 779
H2515 - 777
H2515 - 771
H2515 - 769
H2515 - 768