Kibele PIMS Industrial Imaging and Robotic Automation



Key Features:



Distinguishing Features


  • Safety: The 6 high-tech torque sensors are capable of detecting subtle force changes and providing perfect safety, with the best collision sensitivity in the industry.







  • Force Control: The high-tech torque sensor completes the high-level force control and compliance control technologies capable of subtle and sophisticated work.







  • Work Management: With the "Workcell Manager", which is included in the Teach Pendant, the operator can easily manage complex, difficult workspace.







  • Setup: The "Smart Setup" function allows quick system installation and immediate operation, as it automatically measures inclination angles, tool position and weight.




Main Applications

  • Visual Inspection - End-of-line applications, where visual inspections are required; e.g. where 2D/3D cameras and/or the products are required to be carried for measurement, placement, surface quality, existance, etc. inspections are required 
  • Assembly - Traditional assembly tasks like screw driving and gear assembling
  • Machine Tending - Feed the CNC machine and load/unload the subject into the pallet
  • Welding 
  • Polishing & Deburring
  • Gluing & Bonding
  • Plastic Injection Support
  • Press Forming - Picking up panel for loading onto/unloading from press machine
  • Service - Safely and repeatedly performs pre-defined tasks in accordance with user needs in service industries like medical and F&B

M1013 - 702
M1013 - 796
M1013 - 799
M1013 - 789
M1013 - 788
M1013 - 784
M1013 - 783
M1013 - 786
M1013 - 787
M1013 - 779
M1013 - 775
M1013 - 703
M1013 - 772