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3-Finger Gripper

3-Finger Gripper

The 3-Finger Gripper is the best option for maximum versatility and flexibility. It picks up any object of any shape.



The 3-Finger Adaptive Gripper is ideal for advanced manufacturing and robotic research. It adapts to the object’s shape for a solid grip, so you can focus on the task and not the grasping.



Gripper opening0 to 155 mm
Gripper weight2.3 kg
Object diameter for encompassing20 to 155 mm
Maximum recommended payload (encompassing grip)10 kg
Maximum recommended payload (fingertip grip)2.5 kg
Grip force (fingertip grip)30 to 70 N

3-Finger Gripper - 1147
3-Finger Gripper - 1146
3-Finger Gripper - 1145
3-Finger Gripper - 1128