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Cyclone-65-70 is a machine vision camera with very high frame rate of 71 frames/sec at full resolution. Additional increase of frame rate is possible by reducing image height. The image sensor GMAX3265 is operating in global shutter mode. It is available in monochrome and color version. High dynamic range and low noise are resulting from large pixel surface. Similar to all models of CamPerform-Cyclone series the CoaXPress interface version 2.0 with 4 channels at 12.5 Gb/s each is used.
The Cyclone-65-70 is well appropriate for applications where small intensity differences at high speed need to be detected.



Article numberDescription / second


monochrome camera


color camera

Cyclone-65-70 - 573
Cyclone-65-70 - 575
Cyclone-65-70 - 572
Cyclone-65-70 - 576
Cyclone-65-70 - 571
Cyclone-65-70 - 574
Cyclone-65-70 - 570
Cyclone-65-70 - 578