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The high performance LU19HS sensor is integrated in the Cyclone-2-2000 camera. The sensor operates in global shutter mode and is available in a monochrome version as well as a color version. Signal processing in the Cyclone-2-2000 is optimized for low noise. At full HD Resolution of 2 MPixel this CamPerfrom-Cyclone series camera provides more than 2,000 Frames per second. At reduced image height, framerate can be increased well beyond this.
The flexibility of the Cyclone-2-2000 makes it the ideal camera for various applications but particularly for 2D/3D measurements.



Article numberDescription / second


monochrome camera


color camera

Cyclone-2-2000 - 573
Cyclone-2-2000 - 575
Cyclone-2-2000 - 572
Cyclone-2-2000 - 576
Cyclone-2-2000 - 571
Cyclone-2-2000 - 570
Cyclone-2-2000 - 574
Cyclone-2-2000 - 578