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The CP70-12-M/C-188 camera is equipped with a 12 megapixel CMV12000 monochrome or colour AMS image sensor (CMOSIS). In addition to the high image rate in global shutter mode, its outstanding features are the high image quality and the low thermally-conditioned dark current, resulting in an extremely homogeneous dark and bright image over the entire sensor surface. An expanded high dynamic range (HDR) can be set for large differences in brightness. The A/D converter depth is optionally 8 bit or 10 bit. The CP70-12-M/C-188 camera of the CamPerform-CP series is specified to EMVA1288 and tested for consistent image quality.



Article numberDescription / second


monochrome camera


color camera

CP70-12-M/C-188 - 588
CP70-12-M/C-188 - 586
CP70-12-M/C-188 - 587
CP70-12-M/C-188 - 582
CP70-12-M/C-188 - 585
CP70-12-M/C-188 - 583
CP70-12-M/C-188 - 584
CP70-12-M/C-188 - 589