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CL600x2 M/C

CL600x2 M/C

The CL600x2 M/C camera is equipped with a 1.3 megapixel large LUPA1300 sensor from On-Semi. The camera of the CamPerform-CL series is suitable for fast measuring tasks in 2D or 3D. The camera offers many winning features which enable the camera to be used flexibly on different measuring tasks. One special feature is the increased image rate in the X and Y sensor orientation. The CL600x2 cameras are specified to EMVA1288 and tested for consistent image quality.



Article numberDescription / second

CL600x2 /M /FM   

monochrome, Nikon F-Mount

CL600x2 /M /CM

monochrome, C-Mount

CL600x2 /C /FM

colour, Nikon F-Mount

CL600x2 /C /CM

colour, C-Mount

CL600x2 M/C - 624
CL600x2 M/C - 622
CL600x2 M/C - 621
CL600x2 M/C - 617
CL600x2 M/C - 618
CL600x2 M/C - 620
CL600x2 M/C - 623
CL600x2 M/C - 619
CL600x2 M/C - 625