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TC CORE PLUS series are large FOV telecentric lenses for area scan cameras, specifically designed for the latest generation 1/1.8” and 2/3” CMOS sensors. Their opto-mechanical design is ideal to measure large objects in a reduced space.

TC CORE PLUS series are up to 40% shorter than other telecentric lenses available on the market.

Their patent-pending optical design, inspired by catadioptric telescopes, allows for large FOV imaging while keeping the overall footprint compact.

The length and working distance of a telecentric lens strongly impacts the size of a vision system. This is especially critical when a large FOV telecentric lens is used with a telecentric illuminator, as the overall system dimensions are doubled. For this reason, the working distance of TC CORE PLUS lenses has been optimized to make a measurement system as compact as possible. TC CORE PLUS lenses feature a built-in mounting flange for easy mounting without additional clamps, making their integration easy and cost-effective.