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Surface Inspection System

PVC, rubber or plastic profiles can be taken without interruption and 360 ° precision inspection.

SIS (Surface Inspection System) design allows it to join the extusion lines without any interruption to production and it presents form, surface texture errors with high precision without loss and reports the errors. It is a high speed, continuous inspection device equipped with advanced technology machine vision hardwware and software. Design, engineering, installation and software are provided by our company. "SIS" interface and user guide are presented in requested language. The use of Teledyne-DALSA's products, the leader of the Machine Vision Industry, guarantees the efficiency of the inspection device and end-user satisfaction. The machine is built on sigma engineering profiles and has a closed system, allowing it to be durable in factory conditions. The operators are trained by our team. Customization options are offered with flexibility to determine product specific examinations with the aid of advanced technology lenses and lighting units. Communicating with Scada and other control units, temperature and pressure monitoring, online logging are some of them.