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The Sprinter-HD high-speed camera of the CamRecord-Sprinter series is equipped with a large-format, highly light-sensitive image sensor that records the fastest movements. Capturing at a rate of 3,500 images per second in full format and 12,000 images at a resolution of 1,280 x 240 pixels, the camera is suitable for making very fast object movements visible, right through to simple ballistics. This camera therefore solves demanding measurement tasks in fault analysis and quality assurance for particularly fast-moving objects. The Sprinter-HD is identical to the formally availabe CR-S3500 mode.



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monochrome camera


color camera

Sprinter-HD - 645
Sprinter-HD - 647
Sprinter-HD - 654
Sprinter-HD - 652
Sprinter-HD - 650
Sprinter-HD - 649
Sprinter-HD - 653
Sprinter-HD - 651
Sprinter-HD - 646