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Cyclone-25-150 is a fast and high-resolution camera for real-time image transfer. The camera provides 25 Mpixel at 150 frames/sec. Even higher frame rates are possible by reducing image height. A GMAX0505 image sensor is integrated to capture a square image area with global shutter operation. High pixel density and high sensitivity combined with low noise are key advantages of the sensor. The camera is availabe as monochrome and color version. As all cameras of the CamPerform-Cyclone series, the standard CoaXPress version 2.0 interface is used. It provides data rate per channel of 12.5 Gbit/sec. All 4 channels of the Cyclone-25-150 transfer 50 Gbit/sec. Flexible mounting and cooling options simplify integration to various applications.



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monochrome camera


color camera

Cyclone-25-150 - 1078
Cyclone-25-150 - 1081
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