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The camera from the CamPerform-CP series  integrates the LUX160 sensor offering a very high resolution of 16 MPixel. Up to 148 frames/sec at full Resolution can be captured. Reducing the readout area in vertical or also in horizontal direction allows to strongly increase frame rate. This flexibility makes the camera an ideal component for a variety of applications like 2D- and 3D-metrology or motion analysis.
The signal processing inside the camera is optimized for low readout noise. Signal gain and offset can be adjusted. A hot-pixel-correction further improves image quality. The sensor, operating in global shutter mode, is available in a monochrome and color version.



Article numberDescription / second


Monochrom Camera



CP70-16-M/C-148 - 582
CP70-16-M/C-148 - 583
CP70-16-M/C-148 - 584
CP70-16-M/C-148 - 586
CP70-16-M/C-148 - 587
CP70-16-M/C-148 - 588
CP70-16-M/C-148 - 589
CP70-16-M/C-148 - 585