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High-Speed Line Scan Cameras, combine incredible responsivity, a small body, and high speed with advanced features such as programmability, in-camera pixel-to-pixel correction, and finely adjustable gain.

World’s most responsive small body line scan cameras..

DALSA’s Eclipse TDI line scan camera is 100x more responsive than standard line scan cameras. This radical advance allows ultra fast imaging with low-intensity, low-cost lighting without sacrificing image quality.

Teledyne DALSA’s high sensitivity line scan products use TDI (time delay and integration) technology. TDI is a method of line scanning which provides dramatically increased responsivity compared to other video scanning methods. It permits much greater scanning speeds in low light, or allows reduced lighting levels (and costs) at conventional speeds. From wafer, PCB, and LCD panel inspection to high-end document scanning, Teledyne DALSA’s advanced, high sensitivity line scan delivers an unmatched mix of sensitivity and speed.


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