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IO Industries Inc., London, ON, Canada (est. 1991), designs and manufactures digital video cameras and digital video recorders for applications in achine vision, testing, medical, scientific, broadcast and cinema. Our Flare(TM) family of video cameras are useful for high-resolution inspection and igh-speed capture. These cameras use advanced CMOS sensors with global shuttering and high dynamic range. Our DVR Express® Core family of igital video recorders provide SSD-direct, uncompressed recording for most popular video interfaces.


Portable DVR with Removable Solid State Storage

With models available for recording from most popular video standards, IO Industries DVR Express® Core is our most advanced digital video recorder and the first portable DVR designed to work the way you do. It’s small enough to hand-carry to a data collection site. Data can be quickly and conveniently downloaded to a computer using its 3Gb eSATA port. As well, Core’s quad-pack solid state drive shuttle can be removed in just a few seconds and the 2.5” SATA drives can then be installed into a computer for analysis. All DVR Express® Core models support uncompressed video recording at the maximum data rate of their respective video standards – with no frame drops. Every captured frame of video is time-stamped in hardware with sub-microsecond accuracy. Core’s internal timer can be synchronized to the time clock of a remote computer facilitating synchronization to IRIG-B and GPS receivers. Core’s RAID storage engine provides an added level of protection against data loss. DVR Express® Core is uniquely designed for remote control by laptop, workstation or handheld computer. The user interacts with the remote computer to control Core and to review the imagery captured by Core. Operations including live video display, video playback and video export can be performed simultaneously with video recording. IO Industries CoreView™ software, included with the purchase of Core, is installed on the remote computer and provides control of Core.

A host of other features simplify the integration of Core with computers and other electronics. Core’s 14-34V DC power input and its low power consumption, just 25W with drives installed, ease the task of powering the device in vehicles and aircraft. Trigger I/O using TTL and LVDS signals provides realtime interfacing to other devices. A rugged aluminum enclosure allows Core to withstand the rigors of use in the field. Advanced features include precision time-stamping of video frames in hardware, hardware trigger inputs/outputs with FPGA-controlled timing manipulation, and onboard video buffering for optimal live video viewing.

Product Highlights

  • Uncompressed recording to removable solid state drives
  • Remote control by external computer
  • Data protection using RAID
  • Low power (~25W with drives) and light-weight (1.4kg)
  • Rugged aluminum enclosure

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