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Since 15 years, GFMesstechnik is developing, producing and marketing optical 3D measuring and inspection systems and associated application software, world wide. According to our many years of experience in optical metrology, we are considering ourselves a competent partner in the area of innovative, top quality measuring technology. As of today, world leading companies from a large diversity of industries are using GFM systems, profiting from the advantages of contact-less, yet highly precise, fast and reproducible optical surface metrology.



Life Sciences



PRIMOS lite PRIMOS premium
Primos4030 Tripodscan Facefringes BiometricScanner


Primos Lite

... Optical 3D In-Vivo Imaging of Skin


With PRIMOSlite skin measurement systems, GFM is showing the next milestone in optical skin imaging of skin.


The compactness of these systems allows a maximum of flexibility to the user. In combination with the fast data acquisition even hand-held measurements are possible. PRIMOSlite facilitates fast and accurate 3-dimensional measurements of skin surface. The especially for skin measurement and evaluation developed software “PRIMOS” provides objective information on the efficacy of cosmetic and medical treatments, products and ingredients.


PRIMOSlite measurement systems are available in three different configurations:



PRIMOSlite 18 x 13mm² PRIMOSlite45 x 30mm² PRIMOSlite 130 x 80 mm²
Primos1813 Primos4030hand Primos140180
Field of view: 18 x 13 x 10 mm³ 45 x 30 x 30 mm³ 130 x 80 x 50 mm³
Capturing time/ 3D image less than 0,1 sec less than 0,1 sec less than 0,1 sec
  • In vivo capturing
  • Skin roughness
  • Fine lines
  • Silicon imprints also possible

  • Facial wrinkles
  • Wound, scar
  • Wheals
  • Eye-bags, lips

  • Cellulite
  • Half face
  • Nasolabia folds, eye-bags, lip
  • Large wound and scars

Primos Premium




... 3D In-Vivo 3D Skin Measurement for the Highest Standards


The measurement system PRIMOSpremium is designed to meet the highest standards in research and science. The skin as a mirror of the soul and health plays a key role in the evaluation of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. The increasing number of these products requires objective evaluation criteria and instruments.


PRIMOSpremium - this high end measurement system is characterized by its high-quality components and the perfect match between field of view and resolution.



System image

Field of View



Example of skin structure


24 x 14 x 13
less than
0,1 sec

  • Skin roughness according to DIN 4288
  • Fine lines
  • Crow`s feet
  • Silicon imprints
Facewrinkles primos-catalog-icon




FaceSCAN 3D & BodySCAN 3D

... 3D Optical Scanners for Fast 3-Dimensional Recording of the Face and Body


3D Sensor with Ethernet interface

GFM scanners allow fast 3D measurements of facial and body structures, including recording the color texture. The systems FaceSCAN 3D and BodySCAN 3D differ only in their respective field of view.

Up to 4 sensors can be connected via simple LAN interface and operated synchronously in the same coordinate system. With this technique, the single capture of each scanner will be stitched together automatically and user independent.


Product catalog



The high recording speed enables 3D images without motion artifacts. The software package includes not only the possibility to compare data from different time points. There are many useful tools for the evaluation and determination of differences.  In addition, the data can also be exported for rapid prototyping methods like the production of perfectly fitting masks, braces, injections and much more. The software provides all the essential features for the analysis and presentation of 2D and 3D data.



Special repositioning chair

  • Long backrest
  • 3600 rotatable&arrestable
  • Removable armrests
  • Hydrauliic lifting column
  • Scaling on all adjustments


Face/Body multiscanner station with four 3DsSensors


Quad sensor scan sequence




  • FacescanningFacial meaurement
  • Measurement of entire head
  • Cosmetic, medical and orthopedic tasks

  • ChestBody measurement
  • Breast, Back
  • Belly
  • Legs
  • Feet

aceSCAN 3Dbiometrics

3D Face Recognition

The use of DLP ® technology from Texas Instruments for fringe projection enables very fast and precise measurement of faces. The light source is a simple light emitting diode which emits invisible light. A 3 dimensional facial image is completed in less than 0.2 seconds and the entire process

including evaluation and verification takes less than 1 second.
The specially developed software controls both - the data acquisition as well as the facial comparison, 1:1 (verification) or 1: N(identification) modes are provided.
The software provides the function of identification and some 100 templates can be compared within a second. Compared to other biometric techniques, the 3D face recognition is the natural way of personal identification - on the face. The robust algorithm forgives spacious setting a bad position, hats, caps, sunglasses to the sunglasses and thus offers a previously unknown comfort at a Maximum security (FAR from 0 to 0.001%).

FaceSCAN 3Dbiometrics

Applications Software Flyer
Biometricscanner2 less than 
0,2 sec

  • Access control
  • Border control
  • Identification
  • Verification
Biometricsoftware fc-flyer-icon


  • Based on the Digital DLP ® technology, the system provides very fast and precise acquisition of data
  • 300,000 single measurement points in just 0.2 seconds
  • Creation of a 3D Template - size approx. 4K
  • A fast matching algorithm compares faces based on their geometry
  • Very robust algorithm
  • FAR from 0 to 0.001%, adjustable
  • The fully automatic process provides maximum comfort and intuitive operation
  • Large measuring volume and relatively insensitive to ambient light
  • Registration and verification with one sensor
  • Easy installation and full integration into existing access control systems
  • Easy combination with RFID cards, PINs, and many other biometric systems, for maximum comfort and safety



PRIMOS – Optical 3D In-Vivo Skin Measurement Devices

Applications of PRIMOSlite and PRIMOSpremium

Skin roughness Facial Wrinkles
Scar Measurement
Wound Measurement
Skinroughness Facewrinkles Scars Wound


Acne Lips
Acne Lips Eyepocket Cellulite

Applications of FaceSCAN 3D / BodySCAN 3D


Full Face

for Cosmetics

Breast / Belly / Back

for Cosmetics

Legs / Thighs


for Cosmetics

Facescanning Chest Legs Feet




Industrial Metrology


Optical 3D Surface Metrology with MikroCAD


MikroCADlite MikroCADpremium+ MikroCADportable
MCpico-icon MCpremiumUV2 Handheld













for cutting edge inspection

- an economic and professional solution !


GFM's new MikroCADlite cutting edge device offers fast  and versatile inspection of edge radii and chipping. With this highly economical solution, high-end cutting edge inspection becomes highly cost-effective, even for smaller enterprises.

Specified as inspection system for edge radii from 10µm on, MikroCADlite especially covers all radius values used in hard machining.

It has long been established that corectly rounded cutting edges are allowing for higher milling speeds and concurrently are yielding a much longer tool life. For a relable preparation and optimization of cutting edges however, a 100% control of all rounding results is asbsolutely necessary. Only optical measuring methods deliver all data at acceptable time and expenses.

Hence the reknowned supplier of coating equipment, PLATIT AG, in their new catalogue recommend GFM's MikroCADpremium und MikroCADlite, and are also offering them in combination with equipment for edge preparation and related machinery.

Similar to the well approved and established Standard and Zoom devices from GFM's MikroCAD family, meanwhile standard equipment in wide parts of the machining industry, the measuring and analysis software of the new models also offers the same well-known advantages, e.g. the automatic application of up to 100 sectional cuts even to curved edges, the calculation of averages, deviations and chipping

Especially favorable, also with the new MikroCADlite, is the large working distance (here: 30mm) and the incredible measuring speed and positioning tolerance.

Due to its compactness, swiftness and precision, this 3D measuring device can also favorably be integrated into tool positioners and multi-sensor coordinate measuring machines (CMM's).








precise, compact, economic


The second generation of GFM's MikroCADpremium precision 3d sensors introduces major innovations towards lighter, more compact and maintenance-free systems and is even more affordable than its predecessors. The sensor head has blue LED light, integrated intelligence and an Ethernet interface. Advantages are: 

  • Speed
  • Precision
  • Free of wear
  • Ignorance against ambient light
  • Affordable price

In comparison with tactile systems, optical measurement also saves significant operational costs (wear of test pins).

GFM's MikroCAD delivers highest precision at an economic price !

MikroCAD sensors come with comprehensive Software, e.g., for:
In paticular, the fast and efficient radius measurement of cutting edges is a technology saving customers in the tooling industry money in cash.
These compact and light-weight  sensors can also be used together with LabviewTMor GFM's application interface voa Ethernet, automating laboratories as well as production measurements.

..even sharper :


MikroCADplus with UV light

GFM's proprietary concept uses DLPTM micro mirror projection devices by Texas Instruments. Their digital modulation allows for an unmatched linearity, while the metallized silicon chip provides for efficiency, evenness and thermal stability.




Application Examples


Cutting edges Material edges Decor, 
plastics, leather
skblue2-icon rundkante-bl-icon MChandheld paper-bl-icon



Weld spots Wear and abrasion Erosion and 
embossing stamps
roller-icon-b Weldspot Wear stamp-icon


Road tarmac Roughness, waviness Planarity Step height, 
street-icon Surfshape flat2-icon step-icon


Winter Sports Automation Information
& Downloads
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