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LAT elektronik AB started 1988 as a consultant company in vision technology. After a few years, the need for LED lighting became obvious and we started making special lights for customers. With the success we had with those lights, the idea of starting, developing, marketing and manufacturing a broad range of products came to reality in 1997.



Lighting Needs


Ring lights Dark field lights Dome lightsTunnel lights

Line lightsLine lights with fresnel lensFront / back lightsFront lights 80 x 56 mm

Coaxial lightsSpot lightsDemo / lab lighting kit
























































The product features of the LATAB controllers are numerous: designs suitable for industrial use, adjustable light intensity, up to 4 channels, PC operation via Ethernet or other interfaces, as well as stand-alone solutions, either for continuous mode operation or strobe mode, with adjustable pulse durations from 50 µs to 1.5 ms.

Continuous mode controller


Strobe mode controller

Demo controller / lab tester



















Latab Controler Selection (pdf) Latab Product Range (pdf) Latab Catalogue (pdf)


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Machine Vision - TIS

Machine Vision - Dalsa

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