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Optem High-Resolution, Long Working Distance, Infinity-Corrected Objectives 

•    Higher Numerical Aperture resolves

finest detail

•    Extended working distances increase

working space in and around

your subject

•    Excellent light transmission for improved

brightness and contrast

Optem High-Resolution LWD Objectives deliver a range of magnifications to meet precision microscopic imaging needs.

Infinity-corrected optics are optimized for use with Optem Micro-Inspection Lenses, and A-Zoom Probing Microscopes in visible bandwidths.

Optem High-Resolution LWD Objectives

Optem High-Resolution LWD Objectives feature exceptional numerical apertures to deliver maximum resolution at center of image. All Optem Objectives feature M26 x 36T threads for versatile integration with most industrial and metallurgical microscopes. Optimized for coaxial illuminated microscopy (incidental light).



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