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Optem Fixed

Magnification Optical

System (FMOS)

When you require Optem precision imaging without the flexibility of zoom optics, Optem FMOS delivers with exceptional value. 

FMOS consists of a wide range of upper and lower lens modules which,

when combined in various configurations, yield a broad variety of static

working distances and magnifications at the image plane of your CCD.

The lower lens modules offer a variety of fine focus, illumination and

high-magnification objective integration options. The recent expansion

of the FMOS line uses a special adapter for coupling Optem Zoom 125C

lower modules to the FMOS upper tubes. This provides additional options

with larger illuminated fields, polarized light capabilities, and various

degrees of motorized focus.


•    Modular high-magnification lens system

•    210 Possible configuration combinations to meet a wide

range of optical parameters

•    C-Mount and bayonet cameras, 1/4 – 1” format

•    DC and stepper motorized internal focus options

•    Optional 15mm, 12mm, 5mm or 3mm internal focus

•    Coaxial illumination and ring light options

•    Optimized for Optem Long-Working Distance Objectives

•    Compatible with Dual-Magnification Accessory for

simultaneous views of different fields

FMOS Performance Specifications



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