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Optem Zoom 65

6.5:1 Micro-Inspection

Lens System

The Zoom 65 Lens System combines zoom, function and illumination options into a compact one-piece body to extend durability, simplify integration and preserve precious real estate in your system.

A wide variety of function options and magnification accessories delivers 6.5:1 zoom imaging flexibility and precision with exceptional economy and reliability.


•    Modular 6.5:1 zoom lens system

•    Integrate various Dovetail Tube and auxiliary lens magnifications

to modify optical performance

•    Exceptional zoom optical economy

•    Fixed working distances from 32 – 468 mm

•    C-Mount and bayonet cameras, 1/4 – 1” format

•    rugged one-piece optomechanics

•    12mm and 3mm internal fine focus options

•    Coaxial and ring light illumination options

•    Motorized models available with non-standard delivery

•    Optimized for Optem Long-Working Distance Objectives in

high magnification applications

Zoom 65 Performance Specifications



Mechatronics - Kibele

Machine Vision - TIS

Machine Vision - Dalsa

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