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Optem Telecentric Zoom 100 Lens System Precision engineered to meet the ever-increasing precision requirements of metrology and quality assurance. The Optem Telecentric Zoom 100 delivers

the entire 10:1 zoom range with

less than 0.1% distortion.

The Telecentric Zoom 100 delivers the imaging precision and accuracy most

needed for metrology applications. This innovative lens design virtually

eliminates distortion and parallax of an object regardless of its position

in the field-of-view.

Combine the extraordinary precision of the Telecentric Zoom 100 with

zero vignetting, the expansive 10:1 zoom range, magnification flexibility

from 0.1 to 10.3X, and you realize the embodiment of exacting metrology

power and precision.


•    Less than 0.1% distortion

•    Zero Vignetting

•    Motorized or manual zoom and focus functions

•    E-Iris Version Guarantees 400,000 zoom cycles

•    Modular design affords performance and functionality flexibility

Zoom 100 Performance Specifications


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