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Optem Zoom 125C

12.5:1 Micro-Inspection

Lens System

The Zoom 125C Lens System represents the ultimate blend of modular flexibility and high-performance zoom optical performance.

With a broad 12.5:1 zoom range, Zoom 125C offers the widest selection of options and accessories within the Optem Lens family. The Zoom 125C delivers up to 600 lp/mm, improved repeatability, finer focus and the signature two-piece modular design flexibility that makes Optem Zoom Lens Systems a cornerstone in today’s high-tech micro-imaging applications.


•    Modular 12.5:1 zoom lens system maximizes optical and

functional versatility

•    Integrate various magnifications of TV Tube and bottom

auxiliary lens to modify optical performance

•    Broadest range of Optem Lens options

•    DC and stepper motorized zoom and focus functionality

available with standard delivery

•    Fixed working distances from 32 – 468 mm

•    Infinity Macro Lens Accessory images 50mm – ∞ with broad

fields of view

•    C-Mount and bayonet cameras, 1/4” – 1” format

•    15mm and 5mm internal fine focus options

•    Ring light and Coaxial illumination options

•    Integrated iris diaphragm optional

•    Manual, seven-position detented zoom option

•    Polarizer/Analyzer module for coaxial illumination

•    Optimized for Optem Long-Working Distance Objectives

in high magnification applications



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