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Qioptiq’s extensive line of Optem® Micro Inspection Lenses combines precision mechanics with high- performance optics to deliver the high repeatability, fine resolution and field consistency necessary to capture the finest detail of today’s micro technology fields .

High-Magnification Micro Inspection Lenses Optimized for use with Bayonet and C-Mount Cameras from ¼” – 1” format, the Optem line offers a variety manual and motorized lens solutions to deliver precision video-microscopic imaging.

 Optem Zoom 160 16:1 Lens System.

Optem Zoom 125C 12.5:1 Lens System

Optem Telecentric Zoom 100 10:1 Lens System

Optem Zoom 70XL 7:1 Lens System

 Optem Zoom 65 6.5:1 Lens System

 Optem Fixed Magnification Optical System (FMOS)


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