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inspec.x-UV/M/L Machine Vision Lenses

inspec.x-UV Lenses: 

Optical systems acquire their high imaging performance mainly by asophisticated combination of optical glasses with different diffractionand dispersion. In contrast to the visible region there are only a fewcrystal glasses available for the optical designer to develop a UV system.Furthermore the outstanding resolution requirements for such systemsenforce precise mounting technologies as typically accepted tolerancesfor the single lens elements are below 1μm!

inspec.x-M Lenses: 

The new inspec.x M series closes the gap between the outstanding c-mountMeVis-C lenses and the large format inspec.x L scan lenses. Equipped with lockable manual focus and manual iris these F-mount lenses are the idealchoice for high resolution 35mm format sensors. To cover the magnification range from infinity to 1:2 without a drop of quality the lenses are designed with a floating element.

inspec.x-L Lenses: 

The inspec.x L line consists of six lenses. While the 4/60 and 4/100 lenses are optimized for a magnification of 1:30 and 1:20 the four variants of the 5.6/105 are optimized for 1:3, 1:2, 1:1.5 and 1:1 respectively. All lenses cover line sensors of up to 70mm length, and the superb resolution makes it possible to use the lenses for pixel sizes down to 5μm. The 4/60 and the 4/100 can be equipped with the Modular Focus focusing unit and a broad range of different camera mounts, whereas the 5.6/105 lenses are mountable via a v-groove.


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