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Opto Engineering® designs and manufactures optical systems for imaging, metrology, sensors, projection and lasers.

Nowadays Opto Engineering® is regarded as one of the most qualified world suppliers of machine vision optics; its continuous focusing in the development of telecentric technologies has made Opto Engineering® The Telecentric Company®

Opto Engineering® has set new standards in bi-telecentric technology by continuously striving to enhance the optical performances, the quality control and the ease of use of telecentric lenses: design, test, production methods and equipment are constantly being improved by our engineering team.

For this reason, our lenses optical performances like telecentricity, resolution and distortion are typically much better than any other lens on the market while prices remain surprisingly affordable.





TC serisi Lensler

Opto Engineering Matrix Detector Bi-Telecentric lenses are the key component of any accurate measurement system based on machine vision technologies.

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360° optics

PERICENTRIC LENSES andCATADIOPTRIC LENSES are exclusive products developed by OPTO ENGINEERING® to enable 3D peripheral vision of objects without the aid of mirrors.

By means of this unique optical design, just one camera shot is enough to capture the top and side views of an object.

HOLE INSPECTION LENSES AND BOROSKOPİK PROBES have been developed by OPTO ENGINEERING® to enable the perfect viewing of holed objects, cavities and containers.

Unlike common optics or so called “pinhole lenses” which can only image flat fields of view, Hole Inspection Optics are specifically designed to image both the bottom of a hole and its vertical walls.

3D optics

LTPRSM Series are LED Pattern Projectors specifically designed for the most demanding 3D profiling and measurement applications. Triangulation techniques require that structured light be directed onto a sample at a considerable angle from vertical. Tilting the light source pattern becomes essential to ensure that patterned light is properly and homogeneously focused across the entire sample surface. LTPRSM pattern projectors integrate a precision tilting mechanism based on the Scheimpflug criterion. This also ensures that the focus doesn’t change when the pattern is tilted.

MCSM1-01X and TCSM Series Lenses, are unique families of bi-telecentric lenses for extremely accurate 3D measurement systems.

All lenses are equipped with a high-precision Scheimpflug adjustment mechanism that suits any type of C-mount camera. Besides achieving very good focus at wide tilt angles, bi-telecentricity also yields incredibly low distortion. Images are linearly compressed only in one direction, thus making 3D-reconstruction very easy and exceptionally accurate.

Entocentric Lenses

MC Series is a family of macro lenses designed to capture images of small objects when both very good resolution and nearly zero distortion are needed.MC Series lenses are compact and cost-effective optics providing very high image resolution. A very low optical distortion makes these lenses perfectly suitable for precise dimensional measurement applications.


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