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iNspect is a breakthrough machine vision inspection tool designed for a broad range of applications, from precision metrology to pharmaceutical packaging. Wrapped within an easy user interface, iNspect provides a suite of tools that can be readily applied to a multitude of inspection tasks, such as positioning, measuring, identification, verification and flaw detection.

iNspect’s straightforward 5-step setup allows users to quickly configure and deploy an application. Each of the inspection tools have been carefully designed to extract the relevant information from the object image. No programming or extensive training is required!

Included with the iNspect software is iLabel, an application designed specifically for the packaging industry that is used to verify the placement and quality of labels on packaged goods.



Easy Interface

Easy User Interface

  • Graphical point and click interface accessed via web browser or local keyboard and mouse
  • Localized with different languages
  • Easy camera, trigger and lighting setup via slider controls
  • Versatile icon driven tool palette
  • Flexible communication options
  • Administration control and data logging
  • Emulator for offline application development

Multi Camera


Multi Camera


  • Multi camera compatibility offers low-cost per camera solutions. Each license can support up to 8 cameras.
  • Supported by analog (via Vision Appliance), Firewire or GigE camera
  • Flexible range of image resolution 640×480 to 1600×1200
  • Mono or color imagers
  • Synchronous and asynchronous part triggering
  • One click color calibration



Comprehensive Toolset

Comprehensive Toolset

Simple click, apply and characterize setup

  • Image preprocessors and calibration for image correction and translation
  • Tools include: Search, ID & text reading, measuring, counting, feature finding, color verifying, bead and surface checks
  • No limit to the number of tools that can be applied on each inspection
  • Simple pass/fail tolerance setup
  • Editing tools to quickly setup or modify complex applications with repetitive tasks


Factory Integration

Factory Integration

  • Supports digital I/O, Serial and Ethernet communications for interfacing 3rd party equipment
  • Compatible with many standard protocols such as Modbus and Ethernet/IP
  • Direct connect with Rockwell Automation Controllers
  • Factory ready User Interface that can be locked down to prevent unauthorized access
  • Visual Basic API for customers wishing to develop their own operator look and feel



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