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Sherlock is an advanced machine vision software interface that can be applied to a wide variety of automated inspection applications. It offers maximum design flexibility and provides a rich suite of proven tools and capabilities that have been deployed in thousands of installations worldwide. With a keen eye for detail, our inspector will help you:

  • Improve customer satisfaction by detecting defects early in the manufacturing cycle
  • Increase productivity through automated 24/7 operation
  • Reduce production costs by improving yield and redeploying skilled inspectors to other priority tasks




Powerful Development InterfacePowerful Development Interface

  • Graphical point and click program construction enables rapid prototyping
  • Moveable and resizeable windows offer optimal developer layout
  • Versatile Region Of Interest options for processing flexibility
  • Monitor and reporting windows provide immediate status feedback
  • Instruction tool bars allow quick access to program functions
  • Built-in editing and debug tools






Camera FlexibilityCamera Flexibility

  • Full support for Teledyne DALSA analog and digital (CameraLink) frame grabbers
  • Compatible with both Area and Line scan cameras with mono and/or color format imagers
  • Directly connects to Firewire, GigE (Teledyne DALSA) and USB cameras
  • Allows mixing of imager type, resolution and interface in the same application
  • Supports synchronous and asynchronous triggering





Robust Tools & CommunicationComprehensive Toolset

  • Extensive image preprocessors and advanced calibration for image correction and measurement translation
  • Standard tools include: Search (pattern finding), ID readers, character readers (OCR), measurement and counting tools, contour tools, laser profiling tools (3D), texture and color classifiers
  • Provides capabilities for custom inline and background scripting
  • Supports a variety of communication methods (I/O, serial, Ethernet/IP) and protocols for factory integration





Admin and Operators

Administrative and Operator SupportFactory Integration

  • The Sherlock GUI can be safeguarded against unauthorized use. Programs can be password protected against copying
  • System and monitor logs can be stored to a secure network drive
  • The full Sherlock environment, including camera files, GUI settings and program related data files can be backed-up for safekeeping or easy system replication
  • Sherlock provides a full featured OCX for developing custom operator interfaces using standard Microsoft development tool


Feature List Regions of Interest (ROI) Processing shapes: Flexible Area and Line ROI selection; Rectangle, Annulus, Polygon, Torus, Circle, Arc, Point, Polyline, Rake, Rainbow, Bulls-eye and Spoke Preprocessors: Extensive set of conditioning functions that can be applied to a ROI prior to analysis Positioning Tools: Advance pattern finding tools for object alignment and robot guidance. Measurement Tools: Precise tools for computing the dimensions on a variety of parts and shapes Analysis Tools: Tools for finding and counting edges, extracting and analyzing features, detecting contrast variation and performing statistical analysis Calibration Tools: Correct for linear, nonlinear and perspective image distortion. Convert camera pixel to real-world coordinates Color Tools: Learn colors for monitoring, classifying, sorting, tracking and counting objects Reader (Identification) Tools: Reads and verifies 1D and 2D codes. Reads and identifies printed, molded or stamped text (OCR) Script Tools: JavaScript based scripting tool, complete with drag-and-drop instruction editing, allows you to develop custom formulas or inline and background operations Custom Algorithms : Unique inspection requirements? No problem! Sherlock allows you to add your favorite custom algorithm into the development environment. Administration : Controls for protecting against unauthorized access and copying Custom Interface : OCX for designing custom operator interface using Visual Basic or Visual C




Datasheet (pdf)

Teledyne-DALSA 2012 Catalogue (pdf)


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