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DALSA’s Trillium color line scan cameras use a beam-splitting prism, interference filters, and three separate image sensors to provide separate outputs from a common optical axis. High sensitivity, three channels (Red,Green, and Blue) of LVDS output @ 25 MHz, and superior color registration are just the start of this camera’s power. Advanced features such as programmable pixel-by-pixel color correction and balancing, self-calibration, and on-camera diagnostic display make the TR-3x a color performance leader.


  • High-precision beamsplitter prism for superior color registration and transmission efficiency
  • Robust, predictable color performance, stable over time
  • Automatic and programmable calibration
  • Flat-field correction
  • On-camera diagnostic display


  • Food inspection
  • Tile and textile inspection
  • High speed industrial color inspection

Trillium Camera Models

ModelResolutionPixel SizeLine Rate
Trillium 1k, 21 kHz 1024 x 3 14 µm 21 kHz
Trillium 2k, 11 kHz 2048 x 3 14 µm 11 kHz

Teledyne-DALSA 2012 Catalogue (pdf)


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