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The Piranha3 camera family takes imaging to a new level with eight outputs running at 40 MHz and either 8k or 12k resolutions. The camera’s 12k resolution surpasses the resolution of any other line scan camera, delivering more detail with fewer cameras in a multi-camera system for measurable cost savings. Additional system cost-savings stem from the Piranha3’s superior sensor alignment accuracy, high responsivity and optimized pixel pitch, 5 µm (12k) and 7 µm (8k).

Unmatched flexibility and programmability

A Camera Link interface ensures easy integration of the Piranha3 into existing systems. With a selectable number of taps, bit depth, and Camera Link mode, the Piranha3 cameras are extremely flexible. Other programmable features include flat field correction, exposure control, and gain and offset control.

Lowest price/pixel system solution

The Piranha3 cameras enable you to meet the line rates necessary for your high performance applications and allow you to reduce the number of cameras in your system. When you use fewer cameras, you use fewer framegrabbers, lenses, computers and cables. The Piranha3 family delivers the lowest price/pixel system solution.


  • Up to 1.179 Gpixel/s throughput
  • Line rates up to 72 kHz (16k), 33.7 kHz (8k) or 23.5 kHz (12k)
  • DALSA’s own CCD and CMOS line scan sensors
  • 100% fill factor
  • ±50µm sensor alignment accuracy
  • High responsivity
  • Flat field correction


  • Flat panel inspection
  • Printed circuit board inspection
  • Web inspection (narrow and wide web)
  • Parcel sorting
  • High performance document scanning
  • High throughput applications

Piranha3 Camera Models

ModelResolutionPixel SizeLine Rate
Piranha3 8k, 33 kHz 8192 x 1 7 µm 33.7 kHz
Piranha3 12k, 23 kHz 12288 x 1 5 µm 23.5 kHz
Piranha3 16k CL, 40 kHz 16384 x 1 3.5 µm 40 kHz
Piranha3 16k HS, 72 kHz 16384 x 1 3.5 µm 72 kHz

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