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DALSA’s Spyder3 Color CL is a color line scan camera based on the successful Spyder 3 dual line scan monochrome model. This camera provides high color fidelity, flexibility, and a low cost solution.

The Spyder3 Color CL has the red and blue color pixels alternating in one line and all the green pixels in the other line with no spacing between the lines. The camera offers several color output format options, including RGB, RG/BG, or G only to meet different imaging requirements.

This camera also incorporates advanced features such as flat field correction, automatic white balance, and is pre-calibrated to light sources such as white LEDs, for ease of use.


  • 2k and 4k resolutions
  • RGB, RG/BG, or G output formats
  • Antiblooming and exposure control
  • Pre-calibrated light sources
  • Cost-effective, easy-to-use
  • Camera Link configuration
  • NEW! Higher operating temperature (65°C)
  • NEW! Improved graphic user interface for easier setup
  • NEW! Support for Sapera vision software

Machine Vision Standards


  • Wood, tile, and paper inspection
  • Cotton and textile
  • Food, drug, and tobacco inspection
  • Recycling sorting

Spyder3 Color Camera Models

ModelResolutionPixel SizeLine Speed
Spyder3 Color 2k, 18 khz CL 2048 x 2 14 µm 18 kHz
Spyder3 Color 2k, 18 khz GigE 2048 x 2 14 µm 18 kHz
Spyder3 Color 4k, 9 kHz CL 4096 x 2 10 µm 9 kHz
Spyder3 Color 4k, 9 khz GigE 4096 x 2 10 µm 9 kHz

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