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For applications requiring the highest image quality and performance, DALSA offers its Pantera cameras, combining high speed, high resolution, and high dynamic range.

  • full frame and frame transfer architecture for the highest fill factors
  • high sensitivity, high full-well capacity and reduced aliasing
  • low dark current and low amplifier noise
  • high dynamic range for true 12-bit image quality with no cooling
  • the highest fidelity in the most demanding scenes combining both bright and dark sensitvity
  • ultra-high resolution (sensors up to 33 megapixels) for unprecedented detail
  • Multiphase Pinned Mode (MPP) to reduce dark current, increase Charge Transfer Efficiency (CTE) and increases pixel to pixel uniformity

    Pantera Camera Models

    ModelResolutionPixel SizeFrame Rate
    Pantera 1M30 1024 x 1024 12 µm 30 fps
    Pantera 1M60 1024 x 1024 12 µm 60 fps
    Pantera 22M04 5344 x 4008 9 µm 3.6 fps

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