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Gain the competitive edge with our flexible, low-cost robot arms!






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Universal Robots make robot technology available to all. We have developed a highly specialized flexible, low-cost robot arm that can be used in almost any industry, where traditional robots are too large, expensive, noisy or inflexible. We base our products onyour company’s specific challenges andwith our great technological expertise we can streamline your production processes through the automation of monotonous tasks.


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 Flexible and Eco-friendly robot arm

Due to the fact that our robots called UR5 weigh only 18 kilos, they are easy to move around and  the user-friendly software makes the re-programming of the robots a very straightforward process. Our idea was to develop a robot that would add value as quickly as possible. Therefore, it can be used in the production process from day one - no need for a cumbersome setup or installation.

Technical specifications for UR5

Robot arm

  • 6-axis robot arm with a working radius of 850 mm
  • Portable less than 18 kg
  • it can lift 5kg each time
  • Robot joints can spin 180 degrees / second speed .
  • The robot repeatability accuracy of ± 0.1 mm. (full load)
  • Approx. 200 watts using a typical program
  • Comparatively noiseless
  • With robot arm ,a control unit, industrial touch screen and software are sent.


Control Software :

  • Control software can be easily installed and programmed ,this makes robot arm
  • usefull for a wide range of applications.
  • Robot, can be programmed on easy graphical user interface                                                                                               
  • Applications They are the flexible, light weight and user friendly 6 axis industrial robots. They are developed specially for small
  • and medium enterprises, which has the need for flexible and effective automation that can provide them fast return of investments.
  • The robots are easy to move around and do not require sturdy bases due to their light weight structure.




No requirements for safety fencing

The robots are delivered with everything that is required for programming. This includes the controller box, touchscreen and

software. The unique graphic user interface on the touchscreen made programming easy and the requirement for robot experts

redundant. To top it all, the robots are delivered with an electrical interface that is compliance withmost of the industrial sensors

and programmable logic controls (PLC).

  • Weight 18.4 kg
  • Payload 5 kg
  • Reach: 850 mm
  • Joint ranges: +/- 360° on all joints
  • Speed: Joint: Max 180°/sec. Tool: Approx. 1 m/sec.
  • Repeatability: +/- 0.1 mm
  • Footprint: Ø149 mm
  • Degrees of freedom: 6 rotating joints
  • Control box size (WxHxD): 475 mm x 423 mm x 268 mm
  • I/O ports: 10 digital in, 10 digital out, 4 analogue in, 2 analogue out
  • I/O power supply: 24 V 1200 mA in control box and 12 V/24 V 600 mA in tool
  • Communication: TCP/IP - Ethernet sockets
  • Modbus TCP
  • Programming: Polyscope graphical user interface on





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