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With 24 Hours a Day, High Speed “100% Automatic Control”, we bring your quality standarts of production to top level.

NS-10; sorts the nuts that you produce at high precision due to dimentions, angles and surface faults. Designed to provide solution for your wide range of products, NS-10, serves sustainable high performance with advanced machine vision elements. Its design, engineering, assemble and software is done inhouse.

Nut Sorting System is bundled with the leading Industrial Machine Vision Technology Firm, Teledyne-DALSA’s vision systems to ensure the eficiency and end-user satisfaction. Being a closedsystem and built on Sigma engineering profiles provides reliability  on factory floor. System operators are educated byKibele-PIMS specialists.

Wide range of optional features, serves standartisized solutions for your needs. Brand/Code recognation, burr and crack detection on surfaces are some of them.


Mechatronics - Kibele

Machine Vision - TIS

Machine Vision - Dalsa

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