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“YKC” can be joined to production line of PVC, rubber or plastic profile, without interrupting production and inspects 360° with high precision. Captures defect images and indicates on the profile.

Surface Checker has the unique design advantage of joining production line without stopping it. Inspects form, surface texture and flaws, lossless with high precision. It reports faults and even shows you on the profile. “YKC” serves sustainable high performance with advanced machine vision elements. Its design, engineering, assemble and software is done inhouse. The Device is bundled with the leading Industrial Machine Vision Technology Firm, Teledyne-DALSA’s vision systems to ensure the eficiency and end-user satisfaction. Being a closed-system and built on Sigma engineering profiles provides reliability  on factory floor. System operators are educated by Kibele-PIMS specialists. Wide range of optional features, serves standardized solutions for your needs. Communication with Scada and other control units, temperture and preasure control, online historian are some of the optional features.


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