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Kibele-PIMS is an industrial automation and IT based company, creates turn key solutions using machine vision technology for modern production lines, where productivity and quality assurance are indispensable.


Kibele-PIMS, Established in 2002, designs and produces a complete range of dimensional control, surface control and sorting machines withits own engineering team. Kibele-PIMS makes the mechatronic design, construction of systems using various advanced imaging hardware which are enduring to factory conditions, related computer systems and advanced software developed and tested in the most eligible machine vision laboratory within the company. Utilization of hi-tech, last generation standardcomponents such as Teledyne Dalsa who is leader in machine vision cameras, Optronis, Xenics and Universal Robots.


Besides producing unique, modern, fast and open systems for both local and international firms, Kibele-PIMS provides training and consulting services, as well as on-site technical assistance worldwide guaranteed.



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