Machine Vision 
OnLine Inspection and Quality Control Systems

The primary uses for machine vision are automatic inspection and industrial robot guidance.

The technology and methods used to provide imaging-based automatic inspection and analysis for such applications as automatic inspection, process control, and robot guidance in industry. Using high spec Imaging Softwares and proven Vision Sensor hardware it's possible to inspect the quality of many products.


The most flexible element of industrial automation is robot arms. Kibele-PIMS serves light, flexible and economic solutions for your industrial production..

roboRobotics is the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation and application of robots and computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing.
Industrial Automation

Automation is the use of control systems and information technologies reducing the need for human intervention.

The use of machines, control systems and information technologies to optimize productivity in the production of goods and delivery of services.
iaAutomation is now often applied primarily to increase quality in the manufacturing process, where automation can increase quality substantially.The costs of automation to the environment are different depending on the technology, product or engine automated. 

Mechatronic systems are typically composed of traditional mechanical and electrical components but are referred to as "smart" devices or systems because of the incorporation of sensors, actuators and computer control systems.
mechMechatronics is the combination of mechanical engineeringelectronic engineeringcomputer engineeringsoftware engineeringcontrol engineering, and systems design engineering in order to design and Manufacture useful products.
Teledyne DALSA’s new product Piranha ES-12k PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 08 June 2010 21:51

Teledyne DALSA is pleased to announce the release of the Piranha ES-12k camera. The ES-12k camera delivers over 1 GPix/s throughput using a single HSLink cable. Using our advanced TDI technology, the camera provides 12,000 pixel resolution with a 5.2 x 5.2um pixel size and operates at a maximum line rate of 90 kHz. The camera has 64 TDI stages and delivers a responsivity of 75 DN/nj/cm2 in 8 bit at minimum gain setting. The new ES-12k camera provides a cost-effective solution to OEMs that can sacrifice on responsivity relative to the HS-12k camera.

We are in MAKTEK 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 14 October 2014 11:55

We are happy to have you as a guest at our booth in MAKTEK Eurasia 2014 between October 14th and October 19th on Hall 13, booth number 1313 in Tüyap Beylikdüzü Congress and Convention Center.

For more information, please visit the following link.

UR5, was announced winner of Global Prestige award of “Automatica” robot competition. PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 08 June 2010 21:51


23 May the Danish robot arm UR5 from Universal Robots was announced winner of an international robot competition at the largest global automation exhibition “Automatica” in Germany. Hundreds of companies in Europe and Asia have, however, already given the biggest appreciation of all by selecting the innovative robot from Universal Robots to automate their production. In a cutthroat competition with robots from Japan, USA, Germany and England, the UR5 robot from Danish Universal Robots has now been elected as the world’s most innovative robot.


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